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Reasons Why Should You Rent A Car For All Your Traveling
January 3, 2022

Reasons Why Should You Rent A Car For All Your Traveling

Many travellers in Australia prefer exploring the country like a local. Although using public transport for the purpose is reliable, cheap, and easy, hiring a car gives a new overall experience. Especially if you want to go on a road trip, renting a car will be the best option. The main reason is that it allows more freedom, flexibility, and convenience. Carry some essential things, including a GPS, a camera, and a playlist of your favourite songs, and make your Australian road trips memorable.

This blog discusses all the reasons to rent a car in Australia in more detail, which may help you the next time you visit this beautiful ‘Land Down Under.’

Hiring A Car Will Give You More Freedom And Convenience

You will not need to stick to a fixed schedule and plan the trip according to your convenience. As a traveller, you must know very well that every minute of the day is important when you have plans to visit new destinations in a limited time. Public transport maintains fixed timings and schedules, and sometimes, you may have to wait for long hours, and it also takes longer because of the stops and transfers involved.

But when you have your own car, you can wake up early from your hotel bed and reach an attraction much before the tour buses. On the way, you can also take halts and breaks for food or the toilet.

Car Rental Can Save You Costs

If you want to know the cheapest option to travel across Australia, most experts mention public transport. But considering the abundance of freedom and convenience you will find, hiring a car is amazingly cost-effective.

  • In Australia, car rentals will cost you from $30 to more than $100 per day depending on the total days you rent, car size, whether you book it from an airport, etc. If you book your car more advanced, you will be charged a standard cost. An off-airport booking will also lower the charge.
  • Apart from the base price, other prices include one-way fees, fuel feels, car excess insurance, parking fees, and toll taxes. While calculating the total cost, you must consider these factors. For example, if you drive your car more through big cities like Sydney or Melbourne, parking fees will increase.
  • A proper trip plan can save you significant expenses. Petrol costs can be a key factor if you go for longer road trips. Hiring a car means you will have the option to choose from various car models, and so, if you want to save money on such a road trip, it will be a good idea to opt for a smaller and eco-friendly car model. Before you go out, you may calculate the total distance you have to cover and estimate how much fuel is needed in the tank.

Before you come to Australia, you can conduct a little bit of research on these costs and compare them with the amount you have to pay if you go for public transport.

Another point you must keep in mind is that using trains and buses is a more cost-effective option for a solo traveller. But for someone travelling with a group or family, renting a car can be a more convenient choice.

It Will Give You More Comfort

The level of comfort you will experience in your own vehicle cannot be found in any other public transport alternative. You can access your things pretty easily, use as much space as you wish, and have your loved ones around with you while travelling.

In addition to these, you will also have control over other things like the car radio and air conditioner. On the other hand, if you choose public transport for going from one place to another, you may not have the comfort of experiencing the cool air conditioner in a bus amid the scorchy Australian summer.

Hiring a car also means keeping the car space clean and stopping for nature calls or food whenever necessary.

However, there is one vital consideration you must keep in mind here. Driving needs maximum mental comfort, and so, you can choose to drive only if you feel completely confident about driving a car in another country. If you are uncomfortable behind the wheel or suffer from anxiety, renting a car from a car hiring firm is better.

You Can Discover New Destinations

Like other countries, in Australia, too, natural wonders and unexplored or least explored destinations are far away from the city limits. Having a car means you will get there in quick time and can discover new things on the way. For example, if you’re in Perth, you can easily plan a long trip down south, maybe up to Albany.

When you choose self-driving, you allow yourself to go beyond the limits of a particular area or region and see the attractions that are not present along typical public transport routes. Nothing can be more adventurous than exploring an off-beat path, which most travellers usually do not consider.

Always Keep In Mind The Restrictions

In Australia, whenever you rent a car for travel, it is essential to check any restrictions. These restrictions may differ from one company to the other, and so you must have a look at the company’s rules and regulations before finalising your booking.

Typically, restrictions include:

  • Who can drive the car, and
  • Mileage or distance you can cover

Even if there is no mileage limit specified by the firm you hire the car from, there may be restrictions imposed on driving outside the state or territory. Also, in some specific regions in Australia, the maximum distance you can drive per day is 100km. So, while starting your journey, keep that information in mind, and plan accordingly because you cannot be in the middle of the road after your daily limits are reached.

ESKA Car Rental Is Here For You

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